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tv   Christian World News  TLN  December 2, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> today on "christian world news" the fight against world aids, how christians are spreading hope in the poorest countries on earth. plus missionaries sent out all over the world from south korea. how did this country become one of the most dynamic christian movements in asia? and man on a mission. how he is trying to change the way the church responds to global poverty. welcome to "christian world news" everyone i am wendy griffith, george thomas is on assignment. the 23rd annual world aids day
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reminds many across the globe that the disease is one of the top killers. that is especially true in developing countries, in africa, 5.7 million are infected with hiv. christian international are fighting back to meet needs. >> virginia joins us by skype, regina, thanks for being with us. >> it is my pleasure to be here. >> your organization is ministering in ten different countries. what are the biggest obstacles in fighting aids? >> our organization is a long-term child development agency. we work primarily through the local church and communities where the children are. so what we have to do is try to
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identify the children through our registered beneficiaries and encourage them to overcome the fear, fare of stigma to be tested. we encourage all of our children and their care givers to be tested if at all possible. we make arrangements for testing to happen. once they are identified, if they are found to be hiv positive, we help them obtain the next treatment they need. >> as a christian organization, what do you do differently to combat this deadly disease? >> all of the work is carried out through the local church. the education, prevention, treatment is done through caring individuals who are members of the local church in the community. our regular beneficiaries were compassion programs, child
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survival programs come to church for social and emotional support, that is the regular part of our long-term child development program. we also administer to children physically and provide regular check ups. we offer volunteering testing and counseling. >> how do they respond to that? they may not be used to someone caring, how do they respond to your message of hope? >> actually, quite positively. sometimes a lot of work has to be done for people to be tested. there is still a lot of stigma around hiv and aids. once they see that we are here and the church is there to really reach out to them, they
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embrace the opportunity to be, to have this kind of care given to them. >> i imagine if people want to help or want more information, they can go to >> is our website. >> regina, thank you for being us. >> absolutely. christians in egypt turned out in droves for phase one of the election. 65 percent of the vote, there is an islamic election tsunami sweeping north africa and middle east. gary lane has more from tunist, tu indonesia. >> tu neegss are pleased that their revolution has inspired others throughout north africa and middle east. with up riseings in egypt and
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yemen and syria, the question is will it result in democracy or be something else. modern islamist one recent elections in morocco. secular itselves will have to wait to see if the new government is -- the best political party in egypt is expected to gain control in that north africa country. little has changed since the revolution that ousted hosni mubarak. the economy has gotten worse and many are struggling just to pay their bills. egypt's de facto leader, ma'
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mohammed totali. >> it is the same ruler since 1952. these guys are clueless of how to run the country on a daily basis. >> the army leadership wants to rule the country, but not govern it. >> day-to-day matters, bread and butter issues, so far, secular parties are disorganized and weak. the better organized stronger muslim brotherhood and its freedom and justice party may win a plurality of votes. this woman doesn't want someone to tell her to take off her incob. her main goal is sharia law.
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there are about ten percent of the population and many fear attacks may increase if the brotherhood and allies control the government. >> last greatest hope for these people and for religious freedom is the united states government. i don't think the u.s. government gets it. i don't think the administration understands, is informed or cares. >> that may not bode well for egypt's christians. >> it might turn out to be more economically prospered. >> shay says the united states needs to use the political and economic leverage it has to protect christians and other religious minorities. washington sends the egyptian military about 1.2 billion
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dollars annually. >> we are going to continue to fund them and need to get something in the news. more violence against christians in nigeria. attackers set fire to eight churches there. they also set fire to businesses. radical muslim sect known as bocohoran killed many in october. mark martin has this story from london. >> reporter: thousands of people all over the uk for not a shame day and 2nd chronicles prayer
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day. you can see many praying in front of st. paul's cathedral. paul stated he was not ashamed of jesus christ, so too are these christians. the true hope is turning back to jesus. >> we want to reach out only and supremely in our lord jesus christ. >> the thing that helped me stop taking crack cocaine. jesus took something out and put something else in. >> young people in their youth calling people to the gospel. the gospel is designed for the marketplace. >> christians taking part in not a shame day in 7:14 day. members of the occupy london
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movement have set up to protest. these christians say jesus christ is the answer to every issue. mark martin, cbn news, london. >> thanks mark. reverend billy graham is in the hospital with pneumonia. graham was admitted in ashville, north carolina. he is said to be alert, smiling and waving at hospital staff. graham's personal physician says the 93-year-old evangelist is in stable condition. his sister gene is account he is going to be find. >> we were told it was nipped in the bud. they are going to treat it right away. he was waving and smiling and joking with the nurses. >> graham was also hospitalized
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for pneumonia back in may. coming up, find out why this is a part of the most christian movements in asia.
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>> the countries are separated by much more then that. one christian man started a university with an important goal, to bring the two countries together. what makes the story more amazing? north korean officials asked this man to start the university after they sentenced him to death. dale hurd explains. >> reporter: this is the demilitaryized zone. narrow 150 mile longed border on earth, two koreas still at war for more than 50 years watch one another dotted with mines,
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walls, and bunkers. one side is south korea. other the closed secret kingdom of kim jong il's regime. pion yang, cbn spoke with the founder james kim who was born in south korea. >> the country say like me, so why? i say i am not communist. >> after starting a similar university in china, kim says the north korean government approached him. what makings kim's story more amazing the government official that approached him in 2000 is
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the same man that ordered his arrest for espionage. back in the 90s, the communist government accused him of being an american spy for the cia. they threw him in prison, tortured him and handed him a death sentence. kim says god carried him through. >> whatever they tortured me, i didn't feel pain. full of glory. remembering our forefathers. they are singing praises lord, halleluj hallelujah. >> north carolikoreans told him write a last will and testament. he donated his organs to the
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university. >> no one writes real, you know. >> afterwards kim was released from prison and went back to china. holds no bitterness to those that tortured them. >> i never complained. i am leaving with jesus. jesus dying on the cross, last words, father, forgive them. they know not what they are doing. >> kim had no problem going to start a university there. >> jesus come back. love my enemy. i lay down my life. >> the university of science and technology is backed by the
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south korean government and u.s. its goal is to give north korea's leader's tools to promote peace on the korean pins peninsula. >> it gives them internal life. >> 35 million dollar campus includes world class dormitories and classrooms. students even have access to the internet, something most north koreans could only dream of. dale hurd, cbn news. one out of every three south koreans identifies himself as a christian. six of the ten largest churches in the world are in korea and over 20,000 korean sent out to other countries as missionaries.
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it began a century ago with western missionaries. >> reporter: bustling port of bu son is an asset to the country. the wilderness of the gospel. davies was the founder of the grammar school in melbourne, australia. draj tragically he died, the victim of a deadly disease contracted during his three-week walk. it inspired 126 australian missionarie missionaries. >> i say this says we must give ourselves more completely to preach the gospel to the
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koreans>> a medical facility to deal with lepers. he received a award. >> the lepers at the time had to leave their homes. they were able to be treated in the hospital, the patients were so thankful. >> pastor gray and his wife founded kindergartens in the region. in the 120 years since joseph davies walked into buson, korea's population has grown to 15 million. many are hearing for the first time about the australians brought them the gospel over a century ago. stan jeter, cbn news.
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up next, don't despise the day of small beginnings, the poorest people are turning into all from the help of one international ministry.
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>> welcome back, poverty produces scary statistics, estimated 22,000 children die daily because of the conditions of poverty. those drive one organization's work to end the crisis. efrem graham shows us, it is making a difference in the lives of thousands with small bank loans as little as $100. >> reporter: peter greer is on a mission to lift people out of poverty. we caught up with him at work in the poorest regions of the dominican republic. >> we have all we need to see a
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tremendous impact. we think now is a key time to get involved in bringing the hope of christ to communities like this. >> greer is president of hope international. >> hope international is a christ-center organizations and is trying to change the way the church responds to poverty. >> small loans, some as little as $100. it is a concept called micro finance. >> if you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach him how he eats for for a lifetime. micro finance is about providing access to training, saving, and to capital that you can start a
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business. >> this man was able to open his store four years ago, stocked with inventory valued at more than a million pesos and allowed him to buy property and spend a lot let time working a farm before he became a shop owner. >> it has a revolutionary impact. at one point are dependent on charity and now becoming the benefactors. >> greer shares those stories of success in his book, the poor will be glad, join the revolution to lift the world out of poverty. >> the poor will be glad, what inspired the book? >> we didn't' anything educating the church about this new tool. that is one resource. >> what is the biggest take away you want readers to have once
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reading the book? >> the biggest take away was to stop underestimating the people that are caught in the cycle of poverty. >> greer says he and hope international are hoping to change mindsets when it comes to mission's work. >> some say it is banking for people that don't have access to banking services. you are not going to find a bank waiting to come into this community. yet these people need to have a loan and save. >> three out of four ways the church tries to share the gospel fails, why do you suppose that is? >> the prop is we have separated the great commission from the greatest commandment. we have separated our proclaiming from our tangible acts of service in a community.
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>> this work is an answer to the call of proverbs 19:17. he who is kind to the poor lends
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>> a church in ohio is working to raise money for the poor in kenya. more than 50 people at connection church are eating only rice and beans for five days. money saved on groceries is sent to a kenyan school. sounds good to me. thanks for joining us, see you
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